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You can grow beans in bags that you hang over your sink, you can grow seeds in trays that you keep on the windowsill or cress on food grade paper that you put on a plate. The best method for you to grow is the one that fits in with your lifestyle. My book Grow your own HRT will show you all the different sprouted foods and the ways you can grow them, the nutrients they contain, and which sprouted food is best for which menopause symptoms. As a bonus they can help prevent long term illnesses such as cancer or osteoporosis.

My book will also show you how to start growing sprouts using various items found in your kitchen.  When you feel ready to invest in some dedicated sprouting equipment have a look in your health food shop. If not, go to my shop page, that sells, food grade paper, cress sprouting packs and flax sprouting bags.

As for seeds, get organic sprouting seeds from your whole food shop. If they don’t have what you need, there are many on-line suppliers or organic sprouting seeds.

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