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Some women dry up at menopause, others become incredibly randy, a few become very hairy. I know which way I’d like to go! It’s all about testosterone and what we do with it. It might sound weird that our ovaries create male hormones, but we always have, it’s just that they come to the fore when we menopause. What the healthy older woman’s body does, is to convert some of the testosterone to estrogen. It has compounds that escort what it doesn’t need from the body, but keeps some to give us that libidinous boost. So it’s all about getting the right balance.
The way plant hormones and sprouted foods fit in, is that they help the liver produce those compounds that get rid of the excess testosterone.* Secondly they give you an estrogenic boost if you are lacking female hormones and they provide lots of healthy nutrients to nourish your body generally. My book Grow your own HRT looks at which sprouted foods help sex drive. It also explains why older women still need their ovaries and shows you how to grow all the sprouted foods to keep them healthy and get the right signals to them. Some women are being prescribed synthetic testosterone to help with low libido, but you don’t want to do that! The side effects can be very masculising. This is why if you are struggling with any post menopausal problems trying to do things naturally and growing your own HRT has got to be worth a try before you do anything else. Refs
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