leaf motiv

Why you should try this before you try any other form of  HRT

Women have been growing their own HRT for thousands of years, they just didn’t know it. All over the world, soaking and sprouting seeds and beans was the norm until recent times. We now know these little plants are the richest sources of plant hormones (estrogen and progesterone) anywhere, which is why they can stop menopause symptoms in their tracks. This has got to be worth a try before you try anything else. My book will show you how to do it, what to do if it doesn’t work, it even has a symptoms guide. This is combined with all the scientific evidence behind how sprouted foods can help fight cancer, osteoporosis, dementia and heart disease among numerous other illnesses.

Sprouted foods are cheap and easy to grow on your windowsill. You do not need any soil and it will take just two days to a week to get your first crop. We are are saying yes to what mother nature is offering us. Hormone replacement was a revolution for women. Growing your own HRT is the untelevised revolution. Join it today.