Menopause week on Women’s Hour

Last week they did menopause week on Women’s Hour, (radio 4) one of my favourite shows.  I listened avidly everyday, sent them a couple of emails explaining that there was new science on the subject and they really should include it. I managed to speak to a researcher after they peddled the old myth the Japanese women don’t get menopause symptoms solely because they eat soy, I told them that even if it were true, Japanese fermented soy is different to ours. As a result got nothing, nothing, nothing, Not interested. On Friday’s edition, excitingly they mentioned that there was some science saying that red clover might work and then tragically only mentioned it as a supplement, didn’t say you can grow your own. I still have hope they will come back to me one day, when they are ready.

For those of you wondering I’m still experimenting with the Fenugreek. Results very soon.