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Ever since the industrial revolution our ovaries have been under attack! We have bombarded them with chemicals, stress, unnatural foods, living and working conditions. We stopped eating our traditional diet that included many plant hormones and interesting antioxidants. This obviously effected women who moved away from the countryside first, and initially they were seen as weak and flaky city dwellers, making up symptoms that their tough peasant woman sisters wouldn’t have any truck with. It’s not just here in the West either. Where ever women go from a traditional way of living to city life, menopause symptoms arise. It happened in Japan when modern city women started eating a westernized diet. It’s happening right now in China where women on the farms don’t get menopause symptoms but women in cities do. Traditionally, if women did suffer menopause symptoms (or indeed other menstrual problems) they turned to nature in the form of herbal medicine.

We need to turn back to plants too, we need to find ways to mimic traditional ways of living with their rich and varied diet, but yet fit them into our modern lives.  This is why sprouted foods are perfect. Science has now proven that they are the richest sources of plant hormones. This is why they are used in supplements, but you can sprout these same plants on your windowsill to grow your own HRT.  If we can build them into our lives the way they were for so many centuries, we will not only be giving ourselves lots of plant hormones but many other nutrients and trace elements missing from the modern diet.

So the reason the word menopause wasn’t invented until 1821 was that we didn’t need it. We aged naturally and without symptoms. Before 1821 we talked of climeractic, which means transition into old age, which equally applied to men and women. How very egalitarian of them.Back to HOME PAGE
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