“Grow your own HRT” will answer so many questions…
Why do some women sail through menopause without a problem and others don’t? Why was the word menopause only invented in the 18.21? How can I avoid synthetic HRT? What are plant hormones, how do they work?

This book will give you, choices, because it has…

  • evidence about what stops our ovaries from working properly and how plant hormones can help.
  • The history of both HRT and the supplement industry, the lies, the misunderstandings and the statistics.
  • Evidence on how some post menopausal women create their own special form of “old lady” oestrogen that nourishes our hair, skin and vaginas.
  • Evidence on why some post menopausal women start having multiple orgasms and others dry up and wither away. Plus which sprouted foods you can to grow to avoid the latter.
  • Even though the book is  scientifically researched it written in layman’s terms so that it is  informative and helpful in a “best friend” type of way to anyone who is suffering from menopause symptoms. 

The big reason you need to buy it, is because it contains a lot of science that is not in the public domain and you really need to know it.

While I was researching this, kept asking myself it over and over again: Why does the world not know all this already? Why is it down to me, an ex stand up comic, to tell the world this?

Finally I realised it’s because…

  • The real story is spread across a number of disciplines. The botanical industry, farming, fertility studies, ageing research, the bio matching industry and anthropological studies. The most amazing thing is that they are all saying the same thing that we evolved on plant hormones and need them.
  • Many excellent books have been written about diet and menopause but they missed the biggest, densest source of plant hormones (bean and seed sprouts) and instead focussed on just soya. This is because soy is big business and the marketing men want it to stay that way.
  • The pharmaceutical industry lobby hard to make sure their HRT drugs are at the forefront of medicine and that we believe their view of the world.

But now you don’t have to

Do yourself a favour, read Grow Your Own HRT today, there’s nothing to lose, no side effects and no big financial outlay.

(Below are a selection, there are many more on Amazon…)

“For once, here’s a menopause health book that doesn’t tell you what you have to cut out of your diet but instead tells you what you can add. It shows you how to sprout plants on your windowsill that you can include in meals….
This book makes such a lot of sense and should revolutionise our thinking about the menopause – I love it and think it has real potential to empower women through its wisdom.

“I honestly think that all women should read this in their early forties at the latest. It’s also hugely interesting from a nutritional point of view and helps you understand how hormones work in the body.”

“I was particularly intrigued by Chapter 18, which goes into hormone-rich recipes. By simply making some small adjustments in my diet, I can accomplish and nourish my body and mind safely and efficiently. The book is well worth reading for this chapter alone, but there’s so much more and I love the feeling of taking control of my health on the emotional and physical level. Sally has done all the research; all I had to do was read and take action.”

“I’m gonna do trans things with this and nobody can stop me”